Air access to Armenia is through the country’s two international airports at Zvartnots, 15 KM outside of Yerevan, and Shirak in Gyumri. The recently opened new terminal in Yerevan meets all European and International standards. Various national and foreign carriers operate flights to Yerevan and Gyumri and include Aeroflot, AlItalia, Air France, Austrian Airlines and Czech Airlines. Yerevan has direct air connection with Beirut, Dubai, Istanbul, Kiev, Rome, Moscow, Paris, Prague, St. Petersburg, Tehran, Vienna, etc. Overland road routes connect Armenia with each of its neighbors; however, those through Azerbaijan and Turkey remain closed owing to the ongoing blockade of Armenia by these countries. Two routes remain open through Georgia providing access to the Black Sea ports of Batumi and Poti, as well as one route through Iran to the Persian Gulf. The road network is relatively well developed with over 98% of interstate roads paved. Rail links through Turkey and Azerbaijan are closed. Routes through Georgia and Iran remain open.